Details of Stores

1.  Stationery Store

About 150 items of Writing Paper, Stationery Drawing Articles are stocked and issued by this Store of the department to various departments and Corporations/ Boards/Universities etc. The Stationery Articles are purchased on the basis of open tenders and with the approval of the Stationery Selection Committee constituted for the purpose by the Government keeping in view the requirements of all about 700 Indenting Officers of the Pradesh.

2.  Book Depot

The different Acts, Codes, Rules, Regulations, Gazette Notifications, Indian Law Reports and District Census Hand-books are stored in this depot for sale to public and Govt./Semi-Govt. Departments. At present there are 235 publications available for sale in this depot.

3.  Press Store

The  entire  printing  paper, printing material and printing equipment is kept in this Store. In  all  about  700  items  are  stored  in  this  store.

4.   Standard Forms Store

Universal Standard Forms like Pay Bills, T.A. Bills, Cash Books, Registers etc. are printed by this department and stored in this store. About 80 different items of Universal Standard Forms/Registers were being issued from this Store free of cost to about 600 Indenting Officers of the Pradesh but now the same are being issued on nominal price to all Govt./Semi Govt. Departments.

5.   Departmental Forms Store

Specific Forms, Registers and applications of particular departments are printed and stored for despatch/distribution in this Store.