Acts and Rules

R&P Rules Mechanic (Electrical) (2866 to 2877).pdf923.92 KB
R&P Rules AC (Printing Offset) (Page-3449 to 3463).pdf3.39 MB
R&P Rules AC (Printing) amendment (P.4848 to 4858).pdf385.78 KB
R&P Rules ASH Binding (P. 2656 to 2669).pdf343.71 KB
R&P Rules Assistant Section Holder (Composing) (P.6821 to 6834).pdf389.83 KB
R&P Rules Assistant Section Holder (Composing) amendment (P.6957 to 6959).pdf384.75 KB
R&P Rules Binder(6464 to 6476), ASH (Ptg)(6477 to 6490), Developer (6490 to 6501).pdf962.66 KB
R&P Rules Chowkidar common rules(6863 to 6877).pdf3.35 MB
R&P Rules Clerk common rules (4735 to 4748).pdf3.38 MB
R&P Rules Computer (Binding)(4647 to 4659).pdf373.4 KB
R&P Rules Computer (Composing)(P.709 to 722).pdf411.79 KB
R&P Rules Copy Holder (166 to 177).pdf291.74 KB
R&P Rules Dark Room Attendant (4716 to 4728).pdf467.83 KB
R&P Rules Deputy Controller (P&S) (5670 to 5684).pdf611.12 KB
R&P Rules Driver common rules (7659 to 7678).pdf3.43 MB
R&P Rules Driver common rules amendment(3813 to 3816).pdf1.64 MB
R&P Rules Duplicating Machine Operator(3818 to 3832).pdf415.98 KB
R&P Rules Feeder Man (Offset)(1029 to 1043).pdf409.83 KB
R&P Rules Fly Boy (Offset) (8423 to 8429) amendment.pdf448.68 KB
R&P Rules Franking Machine Attendant (4631 to 4644).pdf914.79 KB
R&P Rules Head Reader (2497 to 2510).pdf432.29 KB
R&P Rules JOA ITcommon rules (6192 to 6208).pdf3.46 MB
R&P Rules Junior Machine Man (754 to 770).pdf3.52 MB
R&P Rules Litho Artisit (2339 to 2351) Revisior (2351 to 2359) amendment, Carpainter G-II,(2359 to 2371).pdf378.59 KB
R&P Rules Mali (3739 to 3751).pdf185.58 KB
R&P Rules Mechanic (Printing) amendment (2380 to 2387).pdf442.63 KB
R&P Rules Mechanic (Printing)(5739 to 5751).pdf384.52 KB
R&P Rules Mono Super Caster (5987 to 6000).pdf448.96 KB
R&P Rules Offset Operator (187 to 200) and amendment of Camera Operator(200 to 208).pdf328.38 KB
R&P Rules Oversear (Offset) (2408 to 2420).pdf203.22 KB
R&P Rules Packer (3020 to 3032).pdf265.13 KB
R&P Rules Papaer Issuer(6042 to 6055).pdf440.46 KB
R&P Rules Peon common rules (7371 to 73786).pdf3.39 MB
R&P Rules Plate Maker(6061 to 6074).pdf379.29 KB
R&P Rules Press Head Mechanic(3119 to 3124) and Head Mechanic (Electrical)(3124 to 3129).pdf410.21 KB
R&P Rules Print Order Reader (3307 to 3320).pdf435.76 KB
R&P Rules Proof Reader (1813 to 1827).pdf407.41 KB
R&P Rules S.H. Mono (953 to 967) & AC (Prinitng) (967 to 983).pdf2.05 MB
R&P Rules S.H. Printing (3743 to 3758).pdf407.82 KB
R&P Rules Section Holder (Binding) (3726 to 3740).pdf391.1 KB
R&P Rules Senior Machine Man (2522 to 2534).pdf399.1 KB
R&P Rules Superintendent Grade-I (198 to 199) amendment.pdf374.21 KB
R&P Rules Sweeper common rules amendment(5290 to 5298).pdf290.59 KB
R&P Rules Tradadle Man (2289 to 2306) amendment.pdf3.41 MB
R&P Rules Ware House Operator(5701 to 5713).pdf476.9 KB
R&P Rules amendment of Binder(5661 to 5663), Developer(5663 to 5665), Dy Controller (5665 to 5667) & WHO (5667 to 5669).pdf2.87 MB
R&P Rules common rule of PA (854 to 860).pdf265.98 KB
R&P Rules common rule of PA amendment (2019 to 2021).pdf689.65 KB
R&P Rules common rule of Supdt. G-II (3086 to 3091).pdf1.44 MB
R&P Rules of INKER (8120 to 8137).pdf3.39 MB
R&P Rules of Jr. & Sr. Assistant common rules amendment (427 to 435) & 435 to 441).pdf3.3 MB
R&P Rules of PTSO (Page 5557 to 5571).pdf408.42 KB
R&P Rules of Sr.Assistant amendment (5254 to 5260).pdf1.39 MB
R&P Rulesn AC Stationery(5249 to 5251) amendment.pdf385.54 KB
R&P rulle of S.H. (Computer) (4505 to 4519).pdf2.38 MB

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